Many counselors will tell an entering student they should complete their General Education Requirements before starting on their major course of study­– wrong. While this may be true for some areas of study, for those pursuing a degree in the Visual Arts, it is strongly advised that the student start on the major curricula as early as possible. There are simply too many prerequisite requirements (a class required in preparation for another class) to complete a degree program in four years if one completes only the GE requirements first.

Similarly, Photography students are encouraged to take classes listed in the “Preparation for the Major” section of the Photo Major form concurrently with the “Concentration Requirements:” Example: The materials covered in Two Dimensional Design (Art 12), reinforce much of the material presented in the entry-level photography courses: Beginning, Intermediate & Color Photography.

Current Major Advisors:
Robin Lasser
Valerie Mendoza
Binh Danh


BFA Art (Concentration in Photography)
Minor in Photography


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Here are a few additional suggestions:

  1. Take General Education requirements concurrently with the early major requirements and the Art History requirements.
  2. If you are considering a minor, take the entry-level classes as soon as possible.
  3. Try to complete the General Education requirements and all other support classes so that your final semesters can be focused upon creating a final portfolio, exhibiting a BFA show (if in the BFA program), and the transition to a professional career.

See the “Roadmaps” below. They outline possible course selections that fulfill the prerequisites and get the student through either of the degree programs (BA or BFA) in the specified number of semesters. Please understand that the Roadmaps are only a suggestion and not a required sequence: every student’s circumstance is different.

Additionally, check out our Photography Program Pyramid – an Infographic for how students should progress through the program: Photo Pyramid_2013