Each of these courses address photographic imaging from a combination of aesthetic, conceptual, theoretical, and practical perspectives.

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Also check the class schedules to learn what classes are available as not all courses are offered every semester:

The Photography Program Pyramid – Infographic for how students should progress through the program: Photo Pyramid_2013

PHOT 40: Beginning Photography – A beginning photography course which introduces students to basic aesthetic issues in image making (primarily in black and white), as well as photographic technique utilizing digital cameras, electronic image processing and printing. Now taught digitally, requires a DSLR type (digital) camera and Adobe Lightroom.

Requirements: Digital SLR camera, Laptop, Adobe Lightroom

PHOT 110:  Black and White Photography – A traditional darkroom photography class which introduces black and white film developing, fiber based printing, and image manipulation and presentation techniques. Taught with traditional film and photo paper; requires a film camera, limited number of which department can loan students.
Requirements: Film camera
Prerequisites: PHOT 40

PHOT 112: Color Photography – An intermediate course introducing principles of color photography, color theory, a refined use of the camera and printing techniques, now taught digitally.
Requirements: Digtal SLR camera, Laptop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop
Prerequisites: PHOT 40

PHOT 113: Alternative Processes – Explores historical, handmade photographic printing processes which open avenues of expression unavailable through contemporary photographic processes. Cyanotype, Van Dyke, and gum bichromate techniques are covered, as well as creating both traditional and digital negatives for contact printing.
Prerequisites: PHOT 40

PHOT 114: Advanced Black and White Photography – Presents students with an advanced exploration of traditional silver based film and darkroom printing, the use of view cameras, and the Zone System. Provides students with the opportunity to explore the qualities of expression unique to the gelatin silver process.
Prerequisites: PHOT 120, PHOT 121, or instructor consent

PHOT 115:  Intermediate Digital Imaging – An intermediate level survey course investigating the unique possibilities afforded by contemporary digital imaging. Includes preparation of images for presentation via web, print or video. Emphasizes making digital tools relevant to the ongoing development of student work.
Prerequisites: PHOT 40

PHOT 116: Contemporary Issues in Photography – A seminar exploring current issues in photography and related media in the larger art world. Viewing contemporary imagery, readings and discussions of today’s photographers, ideas and philosophies will be conducted.
Prerequisites: PHOT 40

PHOT 120: Image and Idea – An intermediate course in which students pursue individual projects. Emphasis on diverse strategies of approach and presentation which culminate in a group exhibition.
Prerequisites:  PHOT 110, PHOT 112 or 115

PHOT 121: Introduction to Studio Lighting – An introductory class presenting basic lighting techniques in a studio setting with specialized equipment and digital view cameras.
Requirements: Laptop, Adobe Lightroom
Prerequisites: PHOT 112

PHOT 122:  Advanced Studio Lighting – The technical and conceptual aspects of product photography with emphasis on design, lighting, visual impact and clarity of purpose.
Requirements: Laptop, Adobe Lightroom
Prerequisites:  PHOT 121, and PHOT 115 or PHOT 112

PHOT 123: Photographic Illustration – An advanced course in studio photography with an emphasis on illustrating a narrative or editorial topic.
Prerequisites: PHOT 121

PHOT 125: Advanced Photographic Media – Advanced course in use of photographic imaging techniques. Emphasis upon relating new technologies to ongoing work developed in previous classes. Energies directed toward a balance of imagery, appropriate craft and concept.
Prerequisites: PHOT 112, PHOT 113, PHOT 115

PHOT 126: The History of Photography – A survey of aesthetic and technical trends in photography from its invention in the 19th century to the present day, conducted in an art historical context.
Prerequisites: ARTH 70B or instructor consent

PHOT 129: Professional Practices – Designed to prepare graduating photo majors for practicing their professions. Visiting experts in the field will present various strategies for developing and maintaining business practices for professional photographers.
Prerequisites: PHOT 120, PHOT 121 + 2 upper division photography courses

PHOT 180: Individual Studies – Individual work under guidance in field of special interest.
Prerequisites: PHOT 110

PHOT 197: BA Senior Project – An undergraduate exit class in creating professional artist portfolios, developing methods of approaching galleries, refining a professional web presence and other relevant forms of career development.
Prerequisites: 15 units of upper division photography courses

ART 198: BFA Seminar – A gathering of BFA students from different media across the school of Art and Design in a seminar course, discussing current issues in art and professional practices.
Prerequisites: Prior acceptance into the BFA program

ART 199: BFA Project Exhibition – Creation and exhibition of a solo show of the student’s BFA artwork, in consultation with two faculty members of the student’s choice.
Prerequisites: 30 units of upper division photography courses, admission to the BFA program and ART 198, or ART 178 with advisor’s approval

ART 208: Graduate Seminar in Photography – Ongoing reviews and discussions of class members’ work as well as discussions of current issues in contemporary art.
Prerequisites: Classified status in art or instructor consent