Zack Lam BFA show “COVID-19 LIFESTYLE OVERTURN” September 27th to October 1st, 2021 in Black Gallery

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Posted by Sam on 27th September 2021

My proposed final project idea is to create a photography series that 
focuses on self-care and self-love. Many of us were quarantined or self-isolated during the global pandemic (COVID-19), attempting to be cautious and avoid the virus at all costs. For some, quarantine has extended not just a few days, but months at a time. Because there was no vaccine available at the time, many of us were forced to deal with the situation, despite the fact that the vast majority of people lacked the ability to adjust to quarantine and the abrupt constraints that come with it. Work, school, job, business, training/workout, and spending time with friends occupy the majority of our time as humans. Due to the long hour spent alone, time appeared to stop after the announcement of social distancing and
quarantine rules was made. As a result, vacations and all scheduled events had to be canceled. Human survival is predicated on daily activities, which are today restricted, limiting the capabilities of many people. The pandemic has taken a toll on many people, whether they stopped going to the gym, hanging out with friends, lost a stable income, a business partner, or a motivator.

Mental disorders have been on the rise as a result of the tremendous 
amount of stress brought on by the pandemic, as well as the inactivity that many people are not used to. I was a victim of this until I learned about self-love and reconsidered the value of my mental health. As a result, I’d like to use photography to capture a series of Self-Care/Self-Love to remind others that taking care of ourselves and putting our health first is still very important. The series will consist of seven photographs depicting what my friends and I have been up to while in quarantine.