Andy Tran BFA exhibition “Dream” September 27th to October 1st, 2021 in Gallery 5

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Posted by Sam on 30th September 2021

Andy Tran

I seek the sky to represent the dream hidden in the clouds and the moon. The sky is comprised of numerous elements that could portray different types of dreams. People see the sky – whether calm or wild – and interpret many things depending on the nature of clouds, moon size, or light. The sky has a way of influencing dreams such that, some will say things like, “the sky is calm today” or “the sky is dull today” which is an indication of how people have different dreams in this life. The dream is to live a happy life that could be influenced by the nature such as the calmness of the sky or the emotions depicted by the size and shape of the mood.
  A combination of clouds and a moon in a day or night can take away an individual to a dreamland. I like taking photographs of the clouds and the sky as they help present nature and the natural aspects of life. My mission as a photographer is to represent nature as it appears in the sky to the world through my pictures. I aim to influence the world by portraying the sky with clouds and the moon which would help people to see beyond the simple illustration of what they see but visualize their dreams. Taking pictures of the clouds and the sky on a day or night is a science that can influence dreams in many ways. My photography will be an adaptation of what we expect from the clouds and the sky in human lives and help in visualizing our dreams.