ATC Presentation Schedule



Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Martin Luther King Library, Room 225


8.55 am

Shannon Wright



9:00-9.45 AM

Abiam Alvarez

Committee: Adam Shiverdecker, Monica Van den Dool, Cassandra Straubing


9.50-10.35 AM

Karen Amiel

Committee: Gale Antokal, Don Feasel, Patrick Surgalski


10.40-11.25 AM

Rachel Ashman

Committee: Shannon Wright, Janet Silk, Monica Van den Dool, Robin Lasser


11.30 AM-12.15 PM

Mike Battey

Committee: Robin Lasser, Adam Shiverdecker, Gale Antokal, Sandra Frank


12.15- 1.15 Faculty Discussion


Day 2

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Martin Luther King Library, Room 225


8.55 AM

Shannon Wright



9:00-9.45 AM

Kyoko Fischer

Committee: Patrick Surgalski, Gale Antokal, Shannon Wright, Tony May

9.50 AM – 10.35 AM


Christian Mora

Committee: Robin Lasser, Janet Silk, Yvonne Escalante

10.40-11.25 AM


Nik Radford

Committee: Gale Antokal, Patrick Surgalski, Adam Shiverdecker


11.35- 12.35 Faculty Discussion

Photo Alchemy at Pajaro Valley Arts

Join Carmina Eliason, Lisa Teng, Kathleen McDonald, and alumni Brittney Cathey-Adams, Eliana Cetto, and German Buenrosto Estrada for the opening of the Photo Alchemy Exhibition in Watsonville, curated by alum Hedwig Heerschop.unnamed