Erin De Juaregui – Warriors ATC Exhibition

Warriors is a series of photographic studio portraits where I explore individual diabetics and the physical endeavors that they participate in. The name Warriors derives from the social media hashtag #t1dwarriors when describing a Type 1 Diabetic Athlete. By taking a stylized portrait of each athlete with a red and blue color scheme. While diabetes is an infliction of the pancreas, red symbolizes the fact that the effects are circulated through the vascular system. It is the regular testing of blood glucose levels that helps diabetics manage their condition. While blue was initially chosen for stylistic reasons, it is also the color used in diabetic fundraisers and awareness. In this exhibition, I want to elevate the individual and applaud their achievements while acknowledging the fact that they are diabetics.

Peter Moppert – BLACK ATC Exhibition

My subject is the human form, photographs of conventional beauties are ubiquitous, and as I would not be considered a conventional beauty by western European standards, I look for beauty in all.  I am interested in age because of the impact of sun on the skin, the blemishes of disease and childbirth, scars from accidents, bulging fat, tattoos, and the sag of weight loss. Somehow I look for features that elicit emotions.

ATC Presentation Schedule



Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Martin Luther King Library, Room 225


8.55 am

Shannon Wright



9:00-9.45 AM

Abiam Alvarez

Committee: Adam Shiverdecker, Monica Van den Dool, Cassandra Straubing


9.50-10.35 AM

Karen Amiel

Committee: Gale Antokal, Don Feasel, Patrick Surgalski


10.40-11.25 AM

Rachel Ashman

Committee: Shannon Wright, Janet Silk, Monica Van den Dool, Robin Lasser


11.30 AM-12.15 PM

Mike Battey

Committee: Robin Lasser, Adam Shiverdecker, Gale Antokal, Sandra Frank


12.15- 1.15 Faculty Discussion


Day 2

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Martin Luther King Library, Room 225


8.55 AM

Shannon Wright



9:00-9.45 AM

Kyoko Fischer

Committee: Patrick Surgalski, Gale Antokal, Shannon Wright, Tony May

9.50 AM – 10.35 AM


Christian Mora

Committee: Robin Lasser, Janet Silk, Yvonne Escalante

10.40-11.25 AM


Nik Radford

Committee: Gale Antokal, Patrick Surgalski, Adam Shiverdecker


11.35- 12.35 Faculty Discussion