Rhyan Maldonado – After Hours BFA Exhibition

Herbert Sanders Gallery, Industrial Studies Building 236 October 02-06 2023

After Hours is about my journey as a concert photographer, as part of the media, as a concert goer, as a fan, as a music lover. The photographs in this series and exhibition at first glance are obvious in what they are. Concert photos. However, with further knowledge, these photographs are about the determination of striving to be a better photographer. They are about the process of achieving your goal and the process it takes to get there. They are about the artist and the fans I photographed. As well as being about me.

Diego Leung – Women In My Life BFA Exhibition

Black Gallery, Art Building Room 204 October 2nd to 5th 2023

This project documents the special people in my life that include my grandmother, mother, my two sisters, and my beautiful niece. This series of photographs is a celebration of their lives and a thank you for their never-ending love and support. I do not know where I would be without them. In each image, there are subtleties to give context on who they are as a person from the article of clothing to the expression on their faces. My goal with this work is to share an important piece of my life and the love I have for my family.